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Plantation trails

Under the tree of plantation heritage tourism is our Plantation Trails.

Pioneered by the Early of 19Th century by some brave heroes of yesteryears in planting who blazed trails and explored land for new crops along the spine of south India Known as the Western Ghats.

There are a few stories like this in India; such was their enterprise and courage. Come and hear about these stories as we take care of you while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee among these mist laden mountains and the contoured land supporting millions of her children ..

Come and have a look at the land and get a feel of how its hard working people co exist with nature, driven by the spirit and the hope that mother earth will be kind to them ...this time and always, I have been a keen onlooker who have seen our ancestors carefully tread the trails to give us a living and a better living than they had, a far cry from what the third generation from us have ever experienced.

Every cup of coffee, and the leafs and buds of lovingly nurtured tea leaves or flavor of extra bold cardamom, Malabar garbled Pepper, the fiery red chili, aromatic clove and the soothing taste of Ginger and nutmegs which flavors our curries... have a story to tell you ... The taste will linger long and could bring you back ... we will love to serve you curries infused with fresh ones.

We have tried to offer you glimpses of every facet of the planting industry .If you want more I will be happy to be your guide when you come and visit us We invite the informed and concerned Travelers to come celebrate their life with us that are not only enjoyable, but also environmentally aware and culturally rich. There are forest tracks to go for sighting wild and simple farmlands to visit, plantation trails to explore over a good round of walk and village walks to tread aside the people where the real soul of India is alive -in true spirit. It is nice to be needed...

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